Cherries, 2017

Cherries, glass bowl. Video performance. Videography by JJ Rolfe

Memorial, 2017

Durational Performance. Charcoal, metal bowl, water, glass bottle, candle. Green Rooms, London

Candle Works, 2016

Durational Performance – 1 hour walking. Candle, matches. Durational Performance – 1 hour 30 mins lighting matches and replacing them.…

Cradle, 2016

Found branch, t-shirt, chair, projector with five minute video loop.

135 Candles, 2016

Performed for Lime-in-Aid, Curated by Linda Rocco. Limehouse Town Hall, London.

Body Bag, 2016

Performed at Liverpool Biennial Fringe 2016, Toxteth Reservoir. Image by Yao Cong.   For video go to:¬†